MonadCloud storage clusters can be used as low-cost, expandable storage for file sync-and-share applications from a variety of vendors including: Ctera, Storage Made Easy (SME), ownCloud and aeroFS.

File "sync-and-share" services began as low-cost consumer services in the public cloud with little in the way of management and security features, which are two things organizations demand when their data is being stored by third parties.  MonadCloud storage clusters work as the storage repository for a number of file sync-and-share applications, which offer you a choice of private "Dropbox like" services completely under your control.

MonadCloud cluster features like multi-tenancy, multi-site and S3-compatibility are necessary in collaborative environments that support file sync-and-share applications.

  • Multi-tenancy... MonadCloud's storage cluster software logically "segments" user accounts.  Data is only accessible by authorized account users and group administrators.  File sync-and-share applications provide additional layers of granularity and control over how you implement and deploy them for use inside and/or outside your organization.
  • Multi-site... MonadCloud storage clusters can logically span multiple sites.  This means if you have widely distributed office locations you can deploy a storage cluster close to where it is needed to support your file sync-and-share application.
  • S3-compatibility... MonadCloud storage clusters are fully AWS S3-compatible.  This means you can chose any file sync-and-share or collaboration platform that supports S3 storage because it will work with your MonadCloud storage cluster.