Features Of Cloud Storage
  1. virtually unlimited capacity
  2. abstracted, pooled resources
  3. ability to scale up or down easily
  4. on-demand, self-service provisioning
  5. high level of automation
  6. consumption-based billing


Storage Costs

According to Forrester Research,  in 2011 the costs for all forms of storage represented an average of 15% of the total IT budget.

From CISCO Survey, 2012

"Given the choice of only being able to move one application to the cloud, most respondents would choose storage (25%)..."

MonadCloud leverages new fiber networks in New England... creating a valuable business service that reduces the cost and improves the durability of data storage.


High speed Internet connectivity and commerce has brought virtually unlimited quantities of data to our enterprises. As our appetite for data explodes, so does our need to store it. Compliance issues, governance requirements and just the natural desire to hang on to information puts ever- increasing demands on storage hardware, IT staff and budgets.  It's not surprising that data storage is one of the fastest growing cloud computing services. Cloud storage is the antidote to on-premises storage sprawl and frees up people and resources to support your core business functions.

MonadCloudTM... local experts in Cloud Storage.... can work with you to keep your data safe and available 24/7/365.  


With MonadCloudTM...a regional cloud storage designer and provider in New England... your data is close and you can get at it fast -- from wherever you may be. You can store your data in the cloud and still know who's keeping it safe. MonadCloud can keep your data local... you won't have to reach around the planet to access your data.  

It Takes an Ecosystem to Build a Cloud...The MonadCloudTM Ecosystem ...   

MonadCLoudTM designed storage clusters are fully compatible with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple Storage Services (S3), which is the de facto standard for cloud storage.  When your data is stored in a MonadCloud storage cluster you automatically have a wide variety of compatible products available.  So depending on your data storage architecture and requirements, you can choose the software and/or hardware solutions that will work best for you. 


MonadCloud is scalable... it expands your data storage space on demand.

MonadCloud reduces the capital and operating costs of your primary data storage.  

MonadCloud use cases include... backup, archiving and collaboration.

MonadCloud is local, easy to use and safe.  

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