Archiving and backups are not the same thing.  Archives are records, mostly immutable, that contain data which organizations determine must be retained. MonadCloud storage clusters can economically and reliably store data you need to archive for regulatory compliance and governance reasons.

MonadCloud clusters have several features that make them a good choice for storing archive data. These features include erasure coding your archival data to use less storage space and tiering your archival data to off-site or remote locations.

  • Erasure Coding... MonadCloud clusters can erasure code your archival data. Erasure coding is like RAID for data objects. This means your archival data is protected by dividing it into a number of "pieces" and adding error correction code "pieces" to improve the durability of your archival data. Erasure coding uses less storage space than replicating your data, yet it is equally as durable. Erasure coded archival data may take longer to read than data stored as replicas but in an archival situation, speed is not always a prime consideration.

  • Tiering... MonadCloud clusters can tier or move data from one cluster to another to take advantage of potential savings in storage costs. MonadCloud storage clusters give you choices in determining how to treat your archival data. Your archival data can be tiered to AWS Glacier, Google Coldline or Microsoft Azure Blob Storage which have some of the lowest costs for storing archival data. AWS Glacier does impose up to a several hour delay in returning your archival data, but Google Coldline and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage do not. All of your retrieved archival data is returned to your MonadCloud cluster.