Private Storage

Businesses, governments, hospitals, schools and media companies can simplify their data storage management and reduce their legacy storage opex and capex by deploying MonadCloud storage clusters on their premises.

MonadCloud private storage clusters have features that are important to public sector and private sector organizations.

  • Economy... MonadCloud storage clusters are built using industry standard (x86) storage server hardware without the need for expensive RAID controllers or enterprise grade SAS HDDs.  MonadCloud storage clusters also have one of the lowest Total Cost of Ownership in the storage industry.
  • Heterogeneity... MonadCloud storage clusters accommodate storage servers that are purchased at different times and with different amounts of HDD storage.  This means no time-consuming and labor intensive "forklift" upgrades to accommodate new or replacement storage servers.
  • Protection... MonadCloud storage clusters protect your data using replication, which makes multiple copies of data objects and erasure codes, which is like software RAID for data objects.  Replication and erasure codes can be used in the same MonadCloud storage cluster.  Replication is better for storing "warmer" data and erasure codes are more economical for storing "colder" or archival data.  Each method stores your data with very high durability values.
  • Security... MonadCloud storage clusters provide you with the ability to easily encrypt data stored at rest using server-side AES 256-bit encryption, which is a US Government (NIST/FIPS 197) and ISO/IEC 18033-3 standard.  You can use SSL encryption (HTTPS) to secure data in transit.  And by using MonadCloud's S3-compatible ACLs (Access Control Lists) you can securely manage access to data stored in your MonadCloud cluster.
  • Compression... MonadCloud storage clusters provide data compression using LZ4, Snappy and zlib.  Depending on the type of data compression, you can reduce your storage consumption and network traffic by up to 40 percent, which means you can achieve higher utilization of your MonadCloud cluster while reducing your network utilization.
  • Multi-Tenancy... MonadCloud storage clusters support user account segmentation, which means each user account is logically segmented within the storage cluster.  Your data is only accessible by users and groups who have been provisioned by your MonadCloud cluster administrator.  All provisioned users and groups are subject to the MonadCloud S3-compatible ACLs established for your cluster.
  • Quality of Service... MonadCloud storage clusters allow you to set maximum limits on storage consumption and I/O activity based on user or group and to generate charge back or show back reports on a monthly basis.  This allows you to prorate the operational expense of your MonadCloud cluster to the business units, departments or individuals that are using it.

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