Public Storage

ISPs and MSPs can increase service revenue by using MonadCloud storage clusters to deliver a multi-tenant cloud storage service to customers that is secure, scalable and fully AWS S3-compatible.

MonadCloud public storage clusters have features that are important to storage service providers.

  • Deployment... MonadCloud storage clusters can be deployed in days not weeks, which improves your time-to-market.

  • Scalability... MonadCloud storage clusters can be expanded to hundreds of storage servers, which means you can start small and grow your storage business over time.

  • Protection... MonadCloud storage clusters protect data objects using replication, which is making multiple copies of data objects and erasure coding, which is like software RAID applied to data objects. This translates into very high values for data durability.

  • Security... MonadCloud storage clusters encrypt the data objects being stored and customers can securely transfer their data to a MonadCloud cluster using SSL.

  • Tiering... MonadCloud storage clusters tier data to AWS S3, Glacier, Google Coldline, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage or any S3-compatible storage cloud, which means you have the ability to offer your customers additional storage alternatives that keep you in the loop.

  • Multi-Tenancy... MonadCloud storage clusters are inherently multi-tenant, which is an important requirement when providing a public data storage service. Quality of Service (QoS) controls allow you to maintain the performance of your MonadCloud cluster by preventing any given customer from hogging cluster resources.

  • Resiliency... MonadCloud storage clusters are self-healing and can automatically re-balance their workloads when storage server nodes are added or removed, which means your storage service is always on-line and your customers always have access to their data.

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