Remote office file Storage

MonadCloud storage clusters solve several pain points when it comes to managing remote office files.  Historically, the issues with remote office file storage have focused on how to backup the files in a reliable manner, how to manage the growth in files being created and how to enable access for remote office workers who may move from office to office or be on the road without sacrificing security.

MonadCloud clusters offer features that improve remote office file storage.

  • Simplification... MonadCloud storage clusters centralize remote office file storage for your organization in an easy-to-use storage platform.  This means no wondering about whether or not the remote office files are being backed up properly and no need to manage backup devices and media in remote offices.
  • Growth... MonadCloud storage clusters scale from tens of terabytes to hundreds of petabytes.  This means you no longer need to size data storage systems for anticipated growth in remote offices.  Adding additional storage nodes to your MonadCloud cluster can be done when you need the additional capacity.
  • Mobility... MonadCloud storage clusters support HTTPS connections from your internal network and over the Internet.  This means that mobile remote office employees do not need to be in their remote office location to securely access the data they need to do their jobs.