The MonadCloud Team

The MonadCloud team are seasoned professionals with decades of experience putting information technology to work at businesses throughout New England. Their careers are a reflection of a professional commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

Deploying object-based storage clusters for private, public, and community organizations puts the MonadCloud team at the forefront of those delivering the future of scalable data storage to customers today.


Tim Wessels, Principal storage consultant

Tim created his IT career deploying some of the first Novell NetWare Local Area Networks in New England. He worked for several premier information  technology solution providers in the region and as an independent IT consultant. Tim is responsible for developing MonadCloud’s service offerings. He is a Cloudian Partner and a Cloudian Certified Engineer.

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Susan Levin Wessels, Marketing & Website design 

Susan began her career as a marketing communications specialist at AVCO Systems Division, where she led the creative team in their diversification efforts.  Later she was trained by IBM to sell computer systems and network solutions to corporate customers. Since then, Susan has consulted to small businesses, helping them conceptualize their place in their respective markets.  She has designed logos, collateral materials and web sites that support these marketing efforts.

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