Backup and Restore

MonadCloud storage clusters can serve as the target for backup software and/or appliances that are compatible with AWS S3, including: Arcserve Backup or Arcserve UDP, CloudBerry Lab Backup, Commvault Simpana, Veritas NetBackup or BackupExec, and Veeam.

MonadCloud storage clusters have several features that allow you to safely and reliably store your backup files.  These features include creating multiple copies of your backup files, storing your backups in more than one site, compressing your backups and encrypting your backups.

  • Multiple copies... MonadCloud clusters create a minimum of 3 replicas when storing a file and automatically determine where each replica should reside in the cluster to give you the highest durability for your backup.
  • Multiple sites... MonadCloud clusters can be implemented as logical clusters that span physical locations.  You get additional data protection for your backups when they are stored in more than one physical location.
  • Compression... MonadCloud clusters can compress your data backups.  This improves the data storage efficiency in your MonadCloud storage cluster.
  • Encryption...  MonadCloud clusters employ server-side encryption using AES 256-bit encryption.  Encrypting your data backup may be a requirement if your backup software or hardware does not offer encryption.