Data needs to be analyzed so that it costs less to store it and takes less time to manage it.  MonadCloud works with public and private organizations to implement continuous data life-cycle management and build cost-efficient private cloud storage for your data.

Data management is important for the following reasons.

  • Keeping too much data for too long on your primary storage systems (DAS, SAN, and NAS) increases your storage and management costs.
  • Data gets created for many purposes and a lot of it is not accessed after the first 90 days. Cold data should not be kept on primary storage systems.
  • Primary storage systems are some of the most expensive and least scalable ways to contain data growth.
  • Upgrading or replacing primary storage systems to accommodate data growth is expensive, time-consuming, and labor intensive.
  • The growth in data is being driven by the increase in unstructured data, which now accounts for 80 percent of all data being created. It is not just people who are creating all of this unstructured data. Network connected devices with sensors and cameras, and machines transmitting telemetry data and logs are now rivaling the amount of data being created by humans.

MonadCloud combines Komprise and Cloudian for smart data management. 

  • MonadCloud uses Komprise to quickly deploy virtual "observers" to unobtrusively collect data on the NFS and SMB shares on your network and analyze that data to help you create management plans for your data.
  • Data management plans can be tested in Komprise to see how much data can be moved to less expensive cloud storage and how much money can be saved on the operation and management of your primary storage systems. 
  • MonadCloud uses Cloudian to build cost-efficient, private cloud storage to contain the data being moved by Komprise from your primary storage systems.
  • Komprise creates links on your primary storage systems to seamlessly connect users and their applications to the data moved to your Cloudian private storage cloud. 
  • Data moved by Komprise to your Cloudian private storage cloud does not need to be backed up, which reduces the time it takes to run backups on your primary storage systems.
  • Cloudian private storage clouds protect data using erasure coding (software RAID for data objects) or replication (multiple copies of data objects). This creates very high durability values for your data.

The ability to manage data growth is a must have capability. Replacing or expanding primary storage systems every few years to accommodate data growth is financially unsustainable. Smart data management based on Komprise for continuous monitoring and analysis combined with Cloudian private cloud storage will reduce your data storage and management costs.