Why Cloudian?

MonadCloud is all about building object-based storage for its customers.  But from the customer's perspective, object storage is a means to a solve their data storage growth and management problems.  So while MonadCloud sells object storage clusters as a business, we are really selling what you can do with it to solve your data storage growth and management problems.  Solution selling is a practice that is well understood by vendors and their channel partners.  Choosing the right partner to work with was an important decision for MonadCloud.

MonadCloud's message is "storage simplification" can help solve your data storage growth and management problems.  MonadCloud understands that Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Networks (SAN) are complex and need skilled management. They are also expensive and must be replaced or upgraded every 3 to 5 years as vendors bring out the new and "end of life" their old storage systems. More importantly, NAS (file) and SAN (block) storage systems were not designed to accommodate the explosive growth of "unstructured data" being generated by users and machines.  If you think your data storage situation is bad now, wait (actually don't wait) until the whole Internet of Things (IoT) catches on.

When MonadCloud was researching storage software vendors to partner with, it became clear that some vendors focused on the storage needs of certain niche markets or "verticals" with their products. Cloudian set itself apart from these vendors in several important ways. First, Cloudian's software supports storage providers, small and medium businesses (SMB) and enterprise customers. This broad market approach comes from Cloudian's heritage developing carrier grade storage software to support mobile data services.  Second, Cloudian storage clusters can start on a small scale...tens of TBs and growto hundreds of PBs. This allows Cloudian to meet the needs of service providers, SMB and enterprise customers. Third, Cloudian offers an appliance based cluster "building block" which is manufactured for them and supported by them. This is the classic "turnkey" approach to making it easy to deploy and support storage clusters in the SMB and enterprise markets . Fourth, Cloudian is laser-focused on fullcompatibility with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple Storage Service (S3), which is the de facto standard for cloud storage. AWS has the largest third-party "ecosystem" for cloud storage-related solutions. Anything that works with AWS S3 will work with Cloudian.  Cloudian is also unique in its ability to automatically tier data from a Cloudian powered MonadCloud storage cluster to AWS S3 and Glacier or another S3-compatible storage service.

MonadCloud chose to partner with Cloudian because it has developed a software-based cloud storage system that simplifies data storage, addresses a broad range of use cases from backup to big data. Cloudian understands the importance of AWS compatibility and is committed to delivering its Cloudian HyperStore software and appliances through its Cloudian authorized and preferred partners.  MonadCloud is proud to be designated as a Cloudian Preferred Partner...the first in New England.